image source: edition fink


129 illustrations, 103 in colour, thread-stitched without cover, booklet insert / Awarded as one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2003

Publisher Note

FINK FORWARD is the 50th publication of edition fink, Zurich.
With the past 50 publications, a circle of about 250 people has gathered around edition fink: Artists, authors, theorists, writers and so on. In the edition’s index of names they are all together in an ever-lengthening list. This name index has led to the idea of taking a closer look at the fink network and asking the 250 people for their own network lists. 100 network lists have come back. 3109 names now form the new, extended list, which is printed in the front part of the publication and shows the networks of those involved in projects of the edition fink.
After 50 publications, FINK FORWARD is to be understood as a kind of retrospective and outlook and thus also as a program. The book brings together works by artists and authors with whom the edition has worked in recent years, but also shows names that will appear in the edition's program in the future.
The contributions are personal statements by the authors, but they also represent the possibilities and interests that the Edition has pursued over the past years, because the close collaboration with the artists and authors is also the focus of this publication.
In this sense, FINK FORWARD is a reader, a detailed reading and picture book, a list of persons and at the same time the current complete list of publications from 1994 to 2003.
FINK FORWARD is also a catalogue book. It documents the exhibition FINK FORWARD at the Kunsthaus Glarus. Seven artists were invited to create new works especially for the Kunsthaus rooms.
This is intended to express that there is a direct connection between the artistic activity and the mediation, whether in an exhibition or in a publication. Without a preoccupation with the concrete work, there is no basis for a creative realisation. A curatorial approach is therefore an important part of publishing practice. The exhibition is documented at the end of the book as a catalogue within the catalogue.