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Audio CD with 4 tracks and original picture, 7 motives, Lambda print on aluminium

Publisher Note

With “cooky did it” the second EP of the American Cooky Gordon, who lives in Nuuk (Greenland), is now being released after “stuff 99”, which was also published in the edition fink.
For these recordings, Gordon has added acoustic and analogue sounds to the purely digital-electronic music of the first production. In collaboration with the Zurich-based producer Mario Marchisella and numerous studio musicians, a 4-part track with a dancy, chilly Nujazz character was created.
Parts 1 and 2 served the artist as the soundtrack for her room installation “Arctic Expedition”, which she showed in the exhibition “FINK FORWARD” at Kunsthaus Glarus. According to Gordon, Parts 3 and 4 are “minimal accoustic dance tracks” and stand out for their warmth and the groove of the instruments played live, which form an exciting contrast to the strict musical form.

Artists’ Edition

cooky did it (Edition)

— part I-IV

by Cooky Gordon

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2003
Designer: Georg Rutishauser
Artist: Cooky Gordon
ISBN-13: 978-3-906086-54-5 (C)
Inscription signed
Subform Audio Edition
Dimensions 30.4 × 25.7 cm
Technique Cd-Rom, Lambda Print

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