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22 illustrations in colour, saddle stitching, cover with flaps in the centre of the booklet. Daniel Baumann, Lutz & Guggisberg,
Christian Robert-Tissot, Sabine Schaschl-Cooper, Peter Stamm

Publisher Note

With “Crawl & Sédiments”, the young Geneva artist Jérémie Gindre presents a publication for his exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland that is both a documentation and an artist’s book: In addition to numerous exhibition views, the publication offers various texts that associatively encircle and supplement the theme – “Crawl & Sédiments” plays, like the installation, with the contrasts between the reflective surface and the unfathomable bottom of a lake.
The extravagantly designed booklet therefore logically offers two reading directions: From the middle, if you turn the booklet, it goes back twice, once in German and once in French. The two parts do not simply contain translations, but original texts in the respective language. In addition to an interview with the artist, which provides information about the installation and working method, Sabine Schaschl-Cooper writes about the work of Jérémie Gindres in a main article. In addition, excerpts from newspaper reports, novels, and film scripts supplement the text material.
As far as the crawl and sediments are concerned, Lutz and Guggisberg aptly write: Everything is sediment sooner or later anyway. Terrifying and comforting at the same time. Put it on top. It will stay there for a while. Certain things stay on top longer. The Hohentwiel volcanic cone, Hiroshima, Picasso, things like that. We today’s artists happily shoulder our hay, position spades, crochet forks, context tongs and out into the fresh air, to the sediments, what could be healthier – you realize, everything is gardening, too.
In this sense, the publication brings to light materials from the sediments that are as revealing as they are surprising. And even those who have not seen the installation can easily get an idea of Gindres underwater cosmos.

Release Place Zurich, Switzerland
Release Date 2005
Designer: Izet Sheshivari
Printrun 800
ISBN-13: 978-3-906086-78-1
Format softcover
Dimensions 19.8 × 30.2 cm
Pages 64
Technique Offset Printing