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Box with five illustrated publications and text booklet / 268 illustrations in colour, 6 volumes, thread binding, adhesive binding and saddle stitching in paper coated cardboard box

Publisher Note

“My Territory” by Roland Iselin is the artist’s first monographic publication. It contains photographs from ten years, mainly taken in Zurich and the USA. The representative selection shows Iselin’s work in a larger context: “My Territory” is not a single publication, but a box containing five booklets and books.
Roland Iselin’s four conceptual picture series deal with reality and staging and place the photographer in the role of a precisely observing documentarian who asks questions and tries to provide answers with his pictures. Thus the series “Members” shows Swiss people as members of various associations. “Human Resources” or “If you close the door, the night will last forever” explore the interaction between public staging and private relaxation at various meeting places – one in New York, the other in Zurich. Finally, “Route One” documents the journey along the famous American highway.
A fifth issue – with texts by Oliver Kielmayer and Nadine Olonetzky on the environment of Iselin’s work and literary associations by David Signer – rounds off the exclusively designed publication.
Ten years after the release of the publication “My Territory”, a sixth sub-publication is appearing as a follow-up – and at the same time as an autonomous artist’s booklet – a broadsheet with 24 pictures from the series “Sex Kinos”. As a supplement to the existing group, it continues the concept of the collector's box with individual publications and bridges the gap between the monograph “My Territory” and the illustrated book “Unguided Road Trip” which has recently been published by Scheidegger & Spiess.

Artist Monograph

Roland Iselin

My Territory (+ Sex Kinos)

Release Date 2017
Artist: Roland Iselin
Printrun 80
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-209-6
Dimensions 25.5 × 32.5 × 2.5 cm
Pages 248
Technique Offset Printing