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270 illustrations in colour, thread-stiched, without cover

Publisher Note

“Dipl. 04” is the diploma publication of the graduating class of the fine arts course at the Zurich University of Art and Design in the summer of 2004, which brought together contributions, inserts and documentation of works by all 17 diploma students.
I wonder what kind of class this class was? One that presents itself precisely in a book that wants to link and disintegrate? The fact that this book could fall apart is suggested by the way it was made: thread-stitching without a cover. The fact that the artistic contributions are broadly diversified fits in with this. From the documentary presentation of individual projects to the insert designed especially for the publication, “Dipl. 04” offers everything: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, video, installation, performance and so on.
With 17 individual contributions, all of them positions of young art that emerged from the HGKZ this summer, “Dipl. 04” invites you to make discoveries.