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DNA is the first artist's book by Carlos Bunga (b. 1976, Porto). He confronts himself with the “book” as a three dimensional space. "This book is not a finished document, but an open space to questioning things and was made to function as a dictionary or botanical conceptual document with the intention of not being a representation of my work but rather an approximation to my thought. I am interested in the uniqueness and complexity of each DNA and how we can not have access to all the information we have stored. Many of our tendencies or instincts may have this genetic information as a basis and I hope that the internal workings of the DNA continues to remain largely a mystery.” (Carlos Bunga)

Release Place Lugano, Switzerland
Release Date 2015
Designer: Krispin Heé
Artist: Carlos Bunga
ISBN-13: 9788894084306
Weight 200 gram

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