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Compared to the type of photography that is most in vogue today, that answers to a spectacular and globalized aesthetic, Ponti focuses on a place that is strongly limited in order to visually tell the lesser history of an ecological reconquest.
It is a project carried out with the proper attention and calm, by regularly and continuously spending time on site. Formally speaking, Ponti pays close attention to the atmospheric colours, their temperatures, and to the nuances and the passing of the seasons. After which he synthesizes, distilling the large archive of negatives into a brief yet significant sequence contained in the book.

Texts by Gian Franco Ragno, Oliver Scharpf, Giovanna Masoni Brenni

Release Place Lugano, Switzerland
Pregassona, Switzerland
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2016
Artist: Igor Ponti
ISBN-13: 9788881914500
Original Price 41.40 EUR
Subform Photobook
Topics Cassarate, Europe, Landscape, Lugano, Rivers, Switzerland, Ticino
Methods Photography
Language English, Italian
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 25.0 × 27.0 cm
Weight 500 gram
Pages 63