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Leiter moved to New York in 1946 to become a painter, yet through his friendship with Richard Pousette-Dart he quickly recognized the creative potential of photography. Leiter continued to paint, exhibiting with Philip Guston and Willem de Kooning, but the camera remained his ever-present means of recording life in the metropolis. None of Leiter’s contemporaries, with the partial exception of Helen Levitt, assembled a comparable body of work: subtle, often abstract compositions of lyrical, eloquent colour.

Release Place Göttingen, Germany
Release Date 2004
Artist: Saul Leiter
ISBN-13: 9783865211392
Dewey: 770
Topics Culture And Society, New York, North America, Street Photography, Usa
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 8.2 × 8.2 × 8.2 inch
Pages 176

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