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In 2019, worthless studios embarked on a road trip across the United States in an Airstream-turned-darkroom with the FREE FILM team. The project, titled FREE FILM: USA, distributed nearly 1,600 rolls of 35mm film to image-makers in 18 cities to respond to the prompt, “red, white and blue.” Throughout the project the team developed over 35,000 images, which revealed how photographers perceived and documented the theme.

The book also includes an introductory text by Kai Carlson-Wee and an original poem by Guggenheim-award winning writer Janice Harrington. This hardcover book designed by former New York Times Magazine Art Director, Caleb Bennett, is the second in the FREE FILM book series and provides an amazing look into a variety of perspectives and opinions across the country.

Featured photographers include:
Andy Shields, Austin Gillespie, Barbara Affleck, Benjamin Stuart, Bob Rockford, Bryan Atkinson, Bryan Rieth, Cameron Hoerth, Cameron Wiley, Carl Hartt, Carlos Piedra, Cass Ivey, Chris Barrett, Chris Pierce McCleary, Chuma Ukegbu, Cinnamon Triano, Daneille Lopez, Daniel Christopher, Dennis Ngo, Derek Fairburn, Derrick Benitz, Forrest Wasko, Gabriel Nakamura, Glenn Nielson, Haley Miller, Hans Koepsell, Houneida Kharmai, Ian Tuttle, J. Zachary Keenan, Jared Tabares, Jason Stroup, Jay Keitel, Jayme Meza, Jen Ritson, Jerimiah Smith, Jim Shulman, Joe Brook, Jordan Whitten, Katherine Leon, Katie Frankenbach, Kevin Anderson, Kirk Decker, Konstantine Fomin, LaToya Colts, Lia Craven, Lizzie Chen, Lucy Osinski, Macandre Pierre, Madeline Sery, Matthew Sklar, Michael Bielawa, Namiko Ishikawa, Nathaniel O'Neal, Nicholas Sudduth, Nick Ronkin, Nolan Ryan Trowe, Nolan Simonetti, Olga Garcia Prendes, Pat Toby, Reid Rejsa, Robert Jackson, Romney Funderburg, Ronni Chow, Ryan Christensen, Sage Paisner, Scott Beaver, Seth Wills, Simon Zivny, Tori Duhaime, Trevor Patton, and William Pham.


Free Film: USA

— Red, White, and Blue

by Various Artists

Release Place New York, United States of America
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2021
Designer: Caleb Bennett
Artist: Various Artists
Printrun 750
ISBN-13: 9781736840009
Topics Collective Project, Road Trip, USA
Language English
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 19.0 × 23.5 cm
Pages 154