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Published in conjunction with the exhibition Saul Leiter Early Color at the Musée de l'Élysée in Lausanne (2011) and edited by Sam Stourdzé, this catalogue of works by the influential photographer is richly filled with examples of his style, with its signature abstracted forms and radically innovative compositions. A prominent member of the New York School of photography, Leiter embraced the medium of colour early on and his images have a painterly quality rarely before seen. His captivating snippets of 1950s American life are the subject of this exhibition and book, which includes an reprinted interview with Stourdzé from a catalogue published in 2008.

Release Place Quart, Italy
LaUnited States of Americanne, Switzerland
Release Date 2012
Artist: Saul Leiter
ISBN-13: 9782883501010
Topics Culture And Society, New York, North America, Street Photography, USA
Methods Photography
Language French
Format Hardcover
Pages 96

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