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73 illustrations in the articles, 186 illustrations in the log, lateral stapling

Publisher Note

The publication “[f: la répète]” is both a documentation of the research project of the same name as well as a script for future performative productions and serves as an open, progressive request for action. It contains a log book, which records procedures and events and works as a temporal and content-related bracket, as well as excerpts of the discussions held and written condensations. The script provides theoretical points of reference and contains image and texts as sources of material and fragmentary documentation. It provides an insight into the research and work processes and allows the persons and guests involved to have their say. At the same time, the text itself always intends the moment of revision: The excerpts from the conversations are condensed or expanded to varying degrees and force assertions as well as empty spaces. The moment of repetition, as expressed in the term “répète”, is accompanied by the potential to constantly test new ways of reading and scope for interpretation.