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Artists’ poster / Published as part of “Fortsetzung folgt”

Publisher Note

The poster edition “Metric Picture Draft #4” by Marion Ritzmann is published as part of the series “Fortsetzung folgt” (to be continued), an open sequence of individual publications, which are connected and contextualized through the artist’s website as an integral part of the project.
The “Metric Pictures” are a series of works in which two-dimensional drawing studies are translated into large-format reliefs made of coloured MDF. For this edition, the study “Metric Picture Draft #4” was scanned and printed enlarged to the so-called poster size Weltformat (world format).

Artists’ Edition

Metric Picture Draft #4

by Marion Ritzmann

Release Place Zürich, Switzerland
Release Date 2020
Designer: Claudiabasel
Artist: Marion Ritzmann
Printrun 200
Subform Poster
Dimensions 22.5 × 32.0 cm
Pages 2
Technique Offset Printing