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In this book, Claire-Louise Bennett explores the surreal portraiture of Dorothea Tanning. A chance encounter with an exhibition of Tanning’s works in Madrid reawakens a kinship between the surrealist artist and the author. Falling in and out of the artist’s life and paintings, she recollects the rebellious internal worlds and nascent creativity that defined both their childhoods.

Words for Portraits 4

Art Book, Art Theory

Fish Out of Water

by Claire-Louise Bennett

Release Place Milan, Italy
Edition 1st edition
Release Date February 2020
Printrun 750
ISBN-13: 978-88-943264-7-5
Subform Art Writing
Topics Kinship, Portrait
Language English
Format Softcover
Dimensions 12.0 × 15.7 cm
Weight 75 gram
Pages 44

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