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Publisher Note

A Manual for Silence is a photo-text booklet based on an ongoing sequence of photographs bearing the same title. Images may tell the narrative, the testimony, via its absence — the vacancy of the subject. Text conjures images by beleaguering the unspeakable — pasting words and sentences onto the invisible form until it reveals a wireframe of the object.

Perhaps there — behind this impediment, the existence of it all is to be found. In the failed correspondence of mumbling planes and shards of breached conventions. In the imminent erosion of understanding, solely a silent touch can soothe.

Artists’ Book

A Manual for Silence

by Rene Maurin

Release Place Maribor, Slovenia
London, United Kingdom
Edition 2nd Original edition
Release Date 2019
Writer: Rene Maurin
Designer: Matej Dečko
Artist: Rene Maurin
Printrun 300
ISBN: 9780957508644
ISBN: 9789612907303
Original Price 25.00 EUR
Subform Photobook
Style/Movement Contemporary
Topics Identity, Language, Memory, Persons, Portrait, Symbolism
Themes Memory, Identity, Language, Symbolism
Methods Photography, Writing
Language English
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 17.0 × 24.0 × 1.0 cm
Pages 112
Color CMYK
Technique Offset Printing