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Includes a letter to Paul by famous author Trmasan Bruialesi.

Publisher Note

Its a book or rather a photo essay in the form of a book about a non-existent valley somewhere in the USA that could exist, just as well, anywhere in the USA.

It tells short stories about clouds, eerie celestial phenomena, dirt, dust, dead animals, Halloween and the state of things in the so-called flyover states.

It’s entirely self-published and includes a letter to Paul by famous author Trmasan Bruialesi.

Artists’ Book

Pleasant Valley

by Rudolf Steiner

Publisher self-published
Release Place Biel, Switzerland
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2017
Editor: Hans Windisch
Artist: Rudolf Steiner
Printrun 400
ISBN-13: 9783952464250
Subform Photobook
Topics Landscape, Landscape Photography, Travel, Travelling, USA
Methods Art Writing, Digital Photography, Photography, Scan
Language German, English
Format Paperback
Dimensions 14.0 × 21.5 × 1.5 cm
Pages 132
Technique Offset

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