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Glaz is a Breton word used to describe a colour between green and blue, the colour of water. Since childhood, Nicolas Floc’h has developed a passion for the ocean and devoted his life and work to encapsulating and conveying the infinite riches and aspects of its reality. This voluminous monograph, published after his exhibition at Fonds régional d’art contemporain Bretagne, covers an oeuvre of sculpture, photography, and conceptual works, organised in themes like 'Invisible Architecture', 'Productive Structures', 'Natural Habitats', 'Painting', 'Functional', and 'Recycling'. A major part of the book is dedicated to underwater photographs of artificial reefs in France, Portugal, and Japan, as well as specific seascapes taken by Floc’h during a scientific expedition on the Tara Pacific in Japan.
With texts in French and English by Catherine Elkar, Jean-Marc Huitorel, Yves Henocque, Nicolas Floc’h, and Hubert Loisel.

Release Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Release Date 2018
Designer: Roger Willems
Artist: Nicolas Floc'h
ISBN-13: 9789492811165
Original Price 43.70 EUR
Dimensions 20.8 × 26.2 cm
Pages 424

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