Publisher Note

"He Threw The Last Punch Too Hard” by Los Angeles based photographer Hannah Kozak tells the story of her mother Rachel Zarco, a beautiful, passionate, vivacious, and fiery Guatemalan Sophia Loren type burnette who left Hannah and the family after she fell in love with another man. The man turned out to be violent. He beat her so badly that she suffered permanent brain damage and had to be moved into an assisted living facility at the age of forty one, where she still lives today. Since 2009, Hannah has followed her difficult journey and this book is their story. A story that could inspire other women to leave an abusive relationship, before it’s too late. The book “He Threw The Last Punch Too Hard” is printed in a limited edition of 700 copies. It measures 8" x 10.5 " and contains 51 black and white images and 30 archival photographs drown from Zarco/Kozak family albums. The text includes a personal essay from Hannah Kozak and Hope Edelman and commentary by Aline Smithson. About the Author: Hannah Kozak is a photographer based in Los Angeles. She has received the Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Female Photographer of the Year for her “Pain and Loneliness” series. A former Hollywood stunt woman of 25 years, Hannah’s photography has been exhibited widely from Berlin, to Málaga and Barcelona, Spain. Her solo show “Survivor: My Father’s Ghosts” where she retraced her father’s footsteps to the 8 Nazi forced labor camps he survived, premiered at the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust in 2018. For “He Threw the Last Punch Too Hard”, Hannah created photographs over a 10 year span.

Artists’ Book

He threw the last punch too hard

by Hannah Kozak

Release Place Brooklyn, New York, United States of America
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2020
Artist: Hannah Kozak
Printrun 700
ISBN-13: 978-1732471153
Subform Photobook
Topics Abuse, Family, Violence
Methods Photography
Language English
Pages 128