Himmelstrasse/ Brian Griffin, image source: brownseditions.com, © Browns Editions

Publisher Note

In May 1942, Sobibor became fully operational and began mass gassing operations. Himmelstrasse (Heaven Street) was a cynical Nazi joke used to describe the final journey to the gas chambers.

Brian Griffin has documented the railway tracks in Poland that transported approximately three million prisoners from around Europe to the Nazi extermination camps during WWII. From the railway leading to Hitler’s Eastern Front military headquarters at the Wolf’s Lair, to the State Rail System leading to the camps of Belzec, Chelmno, Sobibor, Stutthof and Treblinka. Griffin’s haunting landscapes are an emotional and personal photographic journey that represents the relentless brutality and inhumanity of the Holocaust.

Artists’ Book


by Brian Griffin

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2015
Artist: Brian Griffin
Printrun 500
Inscription Hand numbered edition of 500, signed
Topics Photography
Dimensions 29.7 × 23.2 cm
Pages 120