Religious Symbols, image source:, © Browns Editions


Each box contains five books
Each book with a screen printed coloured gel

Publisher Note

This publication has a very simple surface. A work consisting of 5 books, each with a different subject matter. But below these colourful covers unfolds a curious, absurd
and sometimes dark narrative.
The divinity of religion, the Dickensian birds that Ellery sees from his windows, the abstract numbers, the sexual deviancy of the church, and the ideologies of politics create multiple layers of narrative that are personal and meaningful in different ways. Ellery presents these interweaving complexities with a minimal, direct and honest delivery.

Artists’ Book

Religious Symbols/London Garden Birds/Numbers/Sexual Predators/Political Symbols

by Jonathan Ellery

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2014
Artist: Jonathan Ellery
Printrun 150
Inscription signed, Signed edition of 150
Subform Box Set
Topics Birds, London Garden Birds, Numbers, Political Symbols, Religious Symbols, Sexual Predators, Symbols
Dimensions 27.0 × 22.5 cm
Pages 40