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We may have been here, incorporated and entombed. Just below the surface veneer of air-con ad agency cool writhes neurosis.

Much is said about advertising ‘creating culture’. Paid Content reveals the culture around this claim. In the nondescript, where ten ideas are better than one and creative coma-inducing research and analytics are the order of the day, Paid Content is more than just a series of pithy visual propositions that re-articulate the underbelly of advertising. This body of work is a relevant and timely reminder to walk a step beyond the norms and constraints of industry protocol.

As ever, there is a touch of Johannes Vermeer about Stewart’s work: quasi-religious, lit and tempered, the beauty is in the ordinary. Homogenous in its approach, Paid Content is the everyman journey in adland and a call to arms.

Artists’ Book

Paid Content

by David Stewart

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2018
Artist: David Stewart
Availability Available
Subform Photobook
Dimensions 23.5 × 32.6 cm
Pages 160