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Team Trident Press' first poetry and photography collection featuring works by Mancunian writer Jake Duff and Turkish photographer Melih Dönmezer based in Eskisehir.

Horarium is a prayer book, a travel journal, and a manifesto for the uncanny state between wake and sleep, magnificent dream and haunting nightmare.

Made in Manchester, April 2015, hard cover, 16 x 11.5 cm, open spine Smyth Sewing, limited edition of 50, lovingly hand-crafted.

Release Place Manchester, United Kingdom
Edition 1st Original edition
Release Date April 2015
Author: Jake Duff
Photography: Melih Dönmezer,
Design: Lisa Lorenz,
Binding: Lisa Lorenz,
Art Direction: Lisa Lorenz
Printrun 50
Original Price 10.00 GBP
Subform Hardcover Book
Style/Movement Poetry
Genre/Content Form Poetry
Topics Religion, Spiritualism
Themes Existentialism
Methods Photography, Writing
Language English