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Work Description

Jake Duff's Yetzer Hara, accompanied by Jordane Prestrot's photography, explores the body and the mind. An intimate landscape of emotions, dependency, relationships and the irrational forces which guide us through our everyday. Printed in Manchester, 2016. Laser engraved black sanding paper cover. Fluorescent orange end papers, printed on recycled paper Biotop 120gr. 4 colour RISO printed (fluorescent orange, blue, marine red, black)

Release Place Manchester, United Kingdom
Edition 1st Original edition
Release Date March 2017
Writer: Jake Duff
Designer: Lisa Lorenz
Printer: Lisa Lorenz
Photography: Jordane Prestrot,
Art Direction: Lisa Lorenz,
Binding: Lisa Lorenz
Printrun 40
Original Price 12.00 GBP
Style/Movement Poetry
Topics Religion
Themes Judaism
Methods Photography, Writing
Language English, Hebrew