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Museums and archives are institutions designed to preserve the memory of a community. Joan Fontcuberta rummages through their collections to find photographic documents that have deteriorated over time and, paradoxically, “lost their memory.” These fragile, ailing, amnesiac images are salvaged by a procedure that recalls the Zen technique of Kintsugi: a piece of broken pottery is not discarded, but repaired, a thread of gold marking the fracture line. Emphasizing scars is a form of resilience, of acceptance of the vicissitudes of life. In Kintsugi, Joan Fontcuberta assembles a poetic and conceptual gathering of phantasmal images that evoke the passage of time, the recording of history, and the very substance of photography

Release Place Barcelona, Spain
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2021
ISBN-13: 978-84-17975-45-6
Topics Archive, Memory, Museums
Language English
Format Softcover
Binding Japanese Binding, French Fold
Dimensions 22.5 × 30.0 cm
Pages 92