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Set with 3 publications / Cardboard book with text and 2 posters with drawing, folded

Publisher Note

As the title of the series promises, Marion Ritzmann presents with the third edition of “Fortsetzung folgt” (To be continued) another set of three separate publications: a cardboard book with a text by Quinn Latimer and two folded posters with enlarged sketches of the “Mertic Pictures”.
The artist, who works in Zurich and Basel, says of herself, “I think and work with and in systems.” With “Fortsetzung folgt” (To be continued), she has a modular system at her disposal, which, on the one hand, allows her to continuously document her artistic work with the website and to rhizomatically link individual works to one another. On the other hand, the link back to the website gives the individual print products a great deal of artistic freedom.
Quinn Latimer’s text “Two Voices for What: A tragicomedy or a romantic comedy or some dinner theatre or ‘just’ liner notes on some sleeve (not of a jacket, no, but on – what – a recording)” refers to the edition of the record “Analog Chat I-III, Sound Piece” preceding the present set. The text, in the form of a fictional dialogue, appears in a small-format cardboard book, as we know it from picture books for small children; the text becomes a picture, as it were.
The “Metric Pictures” are a series of works in which two-dimensional drawing studies are translated into large-format reliefs made of coloured MDF. For the two posters enclosed with this edition, the studies “Metric Picture Draft” #4 and #7 were scanned and printed enlarged to the so-called poster size Weltformat (world format).

Artists’ Edition

Fortsetzung folgt (Set 2)

by Marion Ritzmann

Release Place Zürich, Switzerland
Release Date 2020
Author: Quinn Latimer
Designer: Claudiabasel
Artist: Marion Ritzmann
Printrun 300
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-240-9
Dimensions 22.5 × 32.0 cm
Pages 44
Technique Offset Printing