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"Why do we find it so hard to take our eyes off Zenonas Bulgakovas’s photographs? The objects portrayed in them may seem unremarkable. Would we actually spend so long looking at a Soviet-era apartment building in Alytus in reality? But looking at the rising neighbourhood of Putinai, captured in Bulgakovas’s photographs, one can hardly take one’s eyes off it. A chronicler of a rapidly changing city, not yet knowing what will come out of all of this, rushes to photograph the surroundings. In the Alytus of the 1960s and 1970s, Bulgakovas acts as an urban anthropologist, capturing the urban settlement of the first post-war generation."
Dr. Marija Drėmaitė (University of Vilnius)



by Zenonas Bulgakovas

Release Place Kaunas, Lithuania
Release Date 2023
Designer: 8ART
Printer: Kopa
Subform Photobook
Style/Movement Documentary Photography, Street Photography
Themes Everyday Life, Street Life, Life, Death, Love, Family
Methods Photography
Language Lithuanian
Format Paperback
Binding Perfect Binding