Publisher Note

With a global call, they invited the design community to contribute with a piece of work and a donation. 434 people from all over the world participated in this project and almost 700 posters were submitted, which resulted in a colorful potpourri of posters, each one a compassionate outreach and act of charity—literally.

All the proceeds gained through the submissions have been donated to two selected organizations that we appreciate for their work: ARTHELPS and MSF—Médecins Sans Frontières. Any profits beyond covering the costs of printing the book will also be donated to those organizations. So let’s hope that soon there will be no more books left!

The thread-stitched softcover book is completed by a special section: Three interviews with the Ukrainian designers Olga Andrieieva, Jakub Stepień, and Anton Bukoros, where they tell something about their personal current situation. In 2017 they were part of the international poster project Poster Rex, which took place in Kyiv and also dealt with the war at that time. Their answers can be found in the book, along with a selection of the posters created back then.

Slanted believes in the problem-solving power of design. They want to work every day towards a vision of the world that is sustainable, inclusive, equitable, and safe. This book is an effort to bring the global creative community together to take a small but valuable step towards solving the big problems of today.

And to round it off with the words from Steven Heller’s introduction: “[…] The golden age of poster has long been considered the pioneering turn of the century, then the modern mid-century, then the psychedelic sixties, and so on through decades […] Today is another golden age. It is the digital golden age. Can posters help? They still help? They will help issues, causes, and most important they help people be aware of the world in its present state.”

Art Poster

Posters Can Help

Release Place Karlsruhe, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date February 2023
Author: Steven Heller
Designer: David Wiesner
ISBN-13: 978-3-948440-43-5
Original Price 30.00 EUR
Availability Available
Topics Design, Poster, Ukraine Designer
Methods Poster
Format Softcover
Dimensions 17.0 × 24.0 cm
Pages 256
Technique Full Color, Offsett, Thread Stiching