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'Sounds Hell' is the second volume in Ezra Nahmad's Israel trilogy and like 'Sans | Without' it contains material from various sources. Own photographs and collages, media images and historical photographs paired with images and recordings from friends who work in the army. The title sets an aggressive tone and actually an atmosphere of violence and insecurity runs through the book, a mood which, as we know, currently dominates the Middle East. Ezra Nahmad, who was born in Israel a few years after the founding of the state and lived there till he was ten, feels the need to continue to deal with the situation in Israel and his ambivalent relationship with this place.

Artists’ Book

Sounds Hell

by Ezra Nahmad

Release Date 2014
Artist: Ezra Nahmad
ISBN-13: 9783941825734
Topics Middle East, Violence
Methods Photography
Language English
Format Paperback
Pages 52

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