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In 1984, young German photographer Michael Kerstgens went to document the miners’ strike in the United Kingdom. Although people were at first wary of this outsider, he eventually found an opportunity to get inside the action and behind the scenes, photographing soup kitchens, secret meetings and the newly politically active miners’ wives. The pride and courage of the workers is captured in the images Kerstgens made, along with their despair and exhaustion following defeat. The last significant labour strike in the UK, it marked the end of an era, and forever transformed the country. The book also includes new images by Kerstgens that record the changes, 30 years later.

Artist Monograph

Michael Kerstgens

Coal not dole

— The miners' strike 1984/1985

Release Place Berlin, Germany
Bad Münder, Germany
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2013
ISBN-13: 9783941825611
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Topics Coal Mine, Culture And Society, Documentary Photography, England, Galles, Great Britain, Mines, Sciopero, Social Condition
Methods Photography
Language English
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