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Publisher Note english

The Anthology consists of seventeen original bilingual Estonian-English booklets by eighteen different authors, approaching from their own angle the endlessly variable motive of non-existent books.

The Anthology was published and presented as part of the XVI International Print Triennial’s exhibition “Literacy-Illiteracy” opened in February 2014 at Kumu Art Museum of Estonia, where Kiwa, the compiler of the book, was announced as one of the laureates of the Triennial for compiling and presenting “The Anthology of Non-Existent Books”.

Artists’ Book

The Anthology of Non-Existent Books

by ;paranoia publishing group ltd.

Publisher self-published
Release Place Tallinn, Estonia
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2014
Printrun 500
Topics Experimental Literature
Themes non-existence
Methods Design, Drawing, Hallucination, Photo, Writing
Technique Offset