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The Beginning The End is a collection of quotes taken from 212 classic and b-fiction books, and involves writing one book with two parts: The Beginning and The End. The two parts meet in the middle. I collected two quotes per book: the first sentence (The Beginning) and the last sentence of the book (The End).
The Beginning is a collage of sorts, and through the symmetry The End became a story of coincidence.
Sometimes I change the quotes minimally: I remove the proper names, gender and the third person tense and turn them into the first person, as an appropriation act.
English edition.

Artists’ Book

The beginning The end

by Daniela Comani

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2020
Artist: Daniela Comani
Printrun 500
Topics Text Collage
Language English
Dimensions 12.0 × 17.0 cm
Pages 48
Technique Offset

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