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Thoughts on Romance from the Road is an ongoing project that uses photography to document text interventions on roadside marquee signs. Victoria Crayhon place phrases on movie and motel marquee signs, many of which she finds through research but also in the course of her frequent long distance travel by car. She uses her own sign letters and then leave the scene with the words left intact upon the sign.
Each installation is read by an audience comprised mostly of people in cars or by roadside foot traffic. Before she departs, she makes a photograph from the sidewalk or roadside. The photograph becomes the sole remnant of the project as the letters inevitably disappear or are taken down.
Gathering Victoria Crayhon's interventions in sequence, the book creates a kind of romantic poem from the road.

Artist Monograph

Victoria Crayhon

Thoughts on Romance from the Road

Release Place Milan, Italy
Release Date 2014
Printrun 100
Subform Photobook
Language English
Dimensions 17.0 × 23.0 cm
Weight 500 gram
Pages 24