Publisher Note

Éric Bouvet arrived in the Ukraine on February 28, 2022, a few days after the start of the Russian invasion. Already a witness to the Maidan revolution in 2014, it was essential for him to return to document what will become the historical fact of the beginning of the 21st century. The Return of War to Europe.
After passing through the city of Krakow in Poland, then through Lviv, located in the west of the country, he traveled by train to Kyiv, the capital where, in these first days of war, thousands of Ukrainians fled to the borders to Europe.
For five weeks, Éric Bouvet documented the daily life of civilians who remained under the threat of Russian missile fire on the capital.

At the start of the offensive, it was in Irpin, about thirty kilometers north of Kyiv, that the dramas of the war were being played out. Between bombardments and massive destruction, evacuations of civilians under the threat of enemy tanks, resistance and solidarity of the inhabitants.

Every evening, or almost, Éric Bouvet told the story of his daily life in the possible of a country at war, through the "sonorama".
For those who missed it: what is a sonorama?
For the journalist Amaury Mestre de Laroque, curator and director of this new format, it is a question of "reporting the conflict on the ground through sound images with, for this series, the voice of the person photographing. Editing strives to preserve the singularity of the photographer, his sensitivity and his ability to speak of horror as beauty within horror".
You will find all the "sonorama" in the newspaper "Ukraine" thanks to specific QR Codes. Thus, you will have the opportunity to relive the testimonies, the emotions, the information of a photographer in the reality of his commitment to document the history of this conflict, while turning the pages of the newspaper.


Ukraine 2022

by Eric Bouvet

Publisher self-published
Release Place France
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2022
Writer: Eric Bouvet
Artist: Eric Bouvet
ISBN-13: 9782957875429
Inscription signed
Topics Conflict, Photojournalism, Sonorama, War
Language French
Format Softcover, newspaper
Dimensions 27.0 × 29.5 cm
Pages 48