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Publisher Note

Arabesk is a series of books made in relief print and hand-cut stencils on translucent Japanese paper. Each book has four to seven sheets. Japanese binding, hard cover with a black outside and a white inside. The paper and the ink is so transparent that you always see something of each sheet. The books are filmed, the films are independent artworks in an edition of 5.
The paper is translucent, soft, airy, and completely silent. Each sheet has one visual element, a shape which is mirrored as you turn the page. Printed with motives developed from Arabic ornamentation. The transparency causes overlaps between the pages that create new shapes and new colors. The sheets melt together in a way which makes it almost impossible for the reader to predict the next sheet’s exact pattern and color, or to remember precisely the last motif. It plays with the illusions of form, color, space and order.

Publisher self-published
Release Place Norway
Release Date 2015
Printrun 5
Inscription numbered, signed
Availability Available
Subform Artist Book
Dimensions 42.0 × 32.0 × 0.5 cm
Technique Hard Cover., Relief Print And Hand-Cut Stencils On Translucent Japanese Paper. Japanese Binding