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on cover: Carnalito No. 1

Publisher Note

Wait, are we new here? Are the colours blooming? Are they chirping? In Vittorio Brodmann’s pocketbook ‘Where the Plumbing Is’ they are surely doing a little bit of both. His collection of new drawings unleashes vibrant blues and reds, violets and pinks, and other tones that are swinging and bobbing. Sometimes lines, sometimes fields, the colours set up the dynamism, which echoes through Vittorio Brodmann’s entire work. In his many paintings, drawings and sculptures the Swiss artist repeatedly pushes the compositional forces to a place of their own. There is something turbulent at stake between his converging elements that demands to be negotiated.

The relationship between his colours and the entirety of his noisy compositions often results, almost paradoxically, in an atmosphere of stillness. Vittorio Brodmann keeps testing our perception, he challenges our ways of seeing. Again and again, he paraphrases the essence of life’s chaotic nature and the human — at times futile — attempt to contain the turbulence of everyday life. Between the liveliness and the embedded serenity, which drives this sequence of drawings, ‘Where the Plumbing Is’ stands as a testament to the artist’s bold commitment to channel peace through conflict. Carnalito’s first edition is definitely something to mail home. Think fast.

Tenzing Barshee

Artists’ Book

Where The Plumbing Is

by Vittorio Brodmann

Release Place London, United Kingdom
Zürich, Switzerland
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2019
Series Carnalito, No. 1
Subform Artist Book
Methods Digital Drawing
Language English
Dimensions 7.5 × 10.0 cm
Pages 168
Technique 6 Colour Printing, Offset Printing