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Publisher Note

The Americas is the first region we chose to deliberately focus on, by reconsidering its colonial stories and their marks on its present global condition. For this, we look at the exploitation of nature, historical racialization and new nationalist populisms that accelerate via despotic policies, and call for a new development of language and interfaces of action.

White supremacists in every nation have become richer and richer because of tax features and policies that favour wealth accumulation. What revolution requires is a quiet revision of policy alliances, tools and preferences. It’s all fairly simple: subdue die-hard segregationists, class struggle and racial divide with simple truths, whilst keeping utopian ideas complex and sincere. ‘Abolish the billionaire class’, wrote Luke Savage in Jacobin magazine, which can be read here in a German translation, for our context in Berlin.

In this vain we comprised complaints, gathered by the working class in the arts, in order to keep voices diverse and society heard. We further explored how politics have their say in the text New Vocabularies of Empowerment, alongside Felippe Galuppo’s topographical transgressions and later in this issue, flirt with Liv Schulman’s radar for capitalist hilarity.

Art Magazine

Arts of the Working Class #7

— The Exhausted Land

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2019
Artist: Various Artists
Series Arts of the Working Class, #7
Subform Artists Newspaper, Newspaper
Topics Billionaires, Future, Social Justice, Working Class
Language English, German, Spanish
Format Newspaper
Weight 120 gram