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Conversations by Till Velten with Verena Steiner-Jäggli, Liselotte Schwarz, Theres Schwarz-Steiner, Henriette Hahnloser, Bettina Hahnloser, Lisbeth Lasserre-Jäggli and Robert Steiner, spoken by Anna Maria Tschopp / Flower bouquets by Verena Steiner, photographed by Vanessa Püntener / 15 illustrations, 6 in colour, 7 audio tracks, 120 mins, 2 audio CDs and text booklet, saddle stitching, digi pack with integrated fanfold

Publisher Note

“This is the conversation with …”, Till Velten opens his interviews, which are collected in this publication. They all deal with the Villa Flora and its history as a family residence, but also with its present and future as a museum. In conversations with members of the family from various generations, Till Velten explores their relationship to the collection and to the collector couple Hedy and Arthur Hahnloser. The seven conversations contained in the present audio book are integrated as listening stations into the current exhibition at Villa Flora and generate sound and audio images that, like the house and the collection itself, evoke a special atmosphere. The presentation of the collection is based on personal favourites of the conversational partners, and for each of these pictures Verena Steiner has put together a bouquet of flowers, which was photographed for the publication by Vanessa Püntener in the ambience of Villa Flora.
The audio book shows impressively: Villa Flora is not just another museum that presents art as neutrally as possible, it is always inspired by the people who are connected to it. Some of them are given a voice in this publication.

Artists’ Edition, Artists’ Book

Geschichten hinter Bildern

— Eine besondere Sammlungspräsentation in der Villa Flora

by Till Velten

Release Date 2011
Designer: Georg Rutishauser
Artist: Till Velten
ISBN-13: 978-3-03746-156-3
Dimensions 13.8 × 18.5 cm
Pages 8
Technique Audio, Offset Printing