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"It all started with the objects, documents and photographs I inherited from my late grand- father, a man unknown to me when he was alive. Through these objects I rebuilt different images of him, and reconstructed imagined memories of him at work, of his everyday life, and of the wet lunches held at the mine headquarters during cold-war Finland. In the process of making this body of work, these unusual heirlooms have become, in my eyes, animate characters with independent bodies and powers. They cast a flickering light on the complex relationship between the frailty of my own memories in contrast to the solid forms and eternal glances of these things."

Grey Cobalt by Felicia Honkasalo bases itself around a collection of items steeped in the landscape and history of her native Finland. Through this sequence of images juxtaposing and complimenting one another, Grey Cobalt obliquely connects personal, historical and geological traces across space and time.

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2018
Subform Photography
Topics Finland, Memory, Photography
Language English
Format Softcover

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