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On the occasion of the exhibition NSK State Art: New York, The Impossible Return at James Gallery of the Graduate Center City University of New York Huzjan walked the 5th Avenue from the corner of W143 street and 5th Avenue to the North entrance of the Washington Square Park. His movement was photo documented from the position of the Avenue’s 126 intersections. During his walk he cleaned the gutter of the Avenue by collecting waste in transparent plastic 16-gallon bags. A heap of filled 6 garbage bags were exhibited in front of the gallery at 365 5th Avenue on 8th of February 2017. The following morning the heap was picked up by The City of New York Department of Sanitation.

Artists’ Book


— Daily Chores on 5th Avenue

by Ištvan Išt Huzjan

Edition 1st edition
Release Date April 2018
Printrun 100
Topics Art
Methods Photography
Language English
Dimensions 33.0 × 44.0 × 2.0 cm
Pages 128
Color 1, black