Front Cover, Scanned
Artists’ Book

Im Gebirge

by Anna Grass

Publisher self-published
Release Place Berlin, Germany
Release Date 2017
Editor: Luisa Grass
Writer: Anna Grass
Designer: Book Book
Printer: Book Book
Artist: Anna Grass
Printrun 60
Topics Hiking, Maps, Switzerland
Methods Drawing, Writing
Language German
Work Creation Date 2015 – 2017
Format Hardcover
Binding Case Binding
Dimensions 15.5 × 22.5 cm
Technique Digital Offset, Office Offset
Interior Notes The term Office Offset describes fully-equipped miniature offset printing machines the size of an office photocopier. Those machines were for nearly 20 years an inherent part of the office environment. These days not only the machines but also the history of this technology is completely forgotten. The rediscovery of Office Offset machines marks a new era of experimental offset printing. By combining current technologies with the decontextualization of the usage, it is possible transfers a former duplication technology into an experimental printing technique, which is especially interesting for artist.