Publisher Note

This book contains images from the Mexican Attorney General’s headquarters in the neighbourhood of Benito Juarez in Mexico City. The pictures were photographed in 2018-2021.

“Sundgren looks for the traces of Mexico’s contemporary violence and for its aftermaths in unexpected places.This is a visual ethnography of the daily interactions between citizens and state officials grappling with the consequences of violence in everyday life, navigating its uncertainties and silences, but also, almost counterintuitively, coming to, participating in, and constituting the spaces where law and order – often thought to be absent in contemporary Mexico – are allegedly four or supposed restored.

… often, Sundgren purposefully leaves us to wonder, blurring the differences assigned to people by their professions and roles. His images focus the viewer’s attention on the more human construction of their personas, their interactions and the ways in which they physically come together to constitute the spaces of the Mexican justice system.”
– Sandra Rozental


Justice Pursued

— Justicia Perseguida

by Johan Sundgren

Release Place Sweden
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2022
Artist: Johan Sundgren
ISBN-13: 978-91-87939-68-6
Topics Mexico, Violence
Language English, Spanish, Swedish
Format Hardcover
Dimensions 16.0 × 29.5 cm
Pages 106