Cover, image source: Chantal Rens

Work Description

A collection of 35 polaroids showing people wearing handmade sweaters with apodictic slogans (f.e.: “KARL MARX IS MY BITCH” and “BORN TO BE 'ALIVE'”)


# 1-100 are signed, numbered & giftwrapped

Artists’ Book

Nobody Loves Me

by Gummbah, Chantal Rens

Release Place Tilburg, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Edition 2nd improved edition
Release Date November 2013
Printrun 300
ISBN-13: 978-90-812913-5-4
Inscription signed, numbered
Original Price 15.00 euro
Subform Zine
Topics Fashion
Methods Photography
Language Dutch, English, German
Format Softcover
Binding Staple Binding
Dimensions 14.8 × 21.0 × 0.4 cm
Weight 200 gram
Individual Sections 1
Pages 48, paginated
Content 35 polaroid photographs
Color cmyk
Material 135 g/m2 MC Silk
Technique Offset
Pages 4
Content Text
Color cmyk
Material 250 g/m2 Formosa Blue + HV MC Silk label sticker
Exterior Notes Label sticker on cover
Material Plastic wrapping

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