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Sergej Vutuc
19,5 x 28,50 cm, 24 pages, stapel
cover 300gr, inside 80gr
gray and blue printed on black recycled paper on stencil duplicator with We Make It, Berlin
Edition of 100, 2019
Price: 20,00
With "Plutati u vremenu, na zemlji", the distinctive urban poetic of Sergej Vutuc shifts to natural treasures affected by humankind: Patagonian glaciers become the unspoken landscape of an apocalyptic romance of commercialized destruction and about the concept of time. Swimming in time is a passage into a creative and oneiric narrative, but is also a lucid consideration of the inexorability of time flowing and of its consequences - appropriation of common goods, climate catastrophes and consumerism blend with the lyricism of fading memories and romantic idealizations.

This dualistic abstraction is reflected also in the medium itself. On the one hand, the pages’ surfaces, textures and consistence suggest a dream-like and melting vaporosity, where light grey and blue on black paper enhance the lunar atmosphere of an ungraspable subject shimmering in the dark. On the other hand, the work’s composition plays with interferences, manipulations and layering of different media (notably, super 8 film and 35mm film processed in darkroom) that, freezing the moment at multiple levels, suggest ironically the hidden complexity of this fiction.
Giada Dalla Bonta

Artists’ Book

Plutati U Vremenu, Na Zemlji

by Sergej Vutuc

Publisher self-published
Release Date 2019
Printer: We make it
Artist: Sergej Vutuc
Printrun 100
Inscription numbered
Original Price 20.00 EUR
Methods Analog Photography, Darkroom Process, Film, Super8 Film
Binding Stapled
Dimensions 19.5 × 28.5 cm
Pages 24
Material 80gr black recycled paper
Technique Stencil Duplicator
Color 2, grey, blue
Material 300gr black recycled paper
Technique Stencil Duplicator