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Publisher Note

Of the bloody civil war (1989-2003) that decimated Liberia, its population does not speak. No proper memorial has been built, no day is dedicated to commemoration.

Verdier’s photographic and sound work was spread over a two year period. The images were made over the entire country, from the diamond mines of Gbarpolu to the fishing harbors of Harper and through the immense slum of Westpoint.


Reaching for Dawn

by Elliott Verdier

Release Place Amsterdam, Netherlands
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2021
Designer: Sacha Von Villard
Artist: Elliott Verdier
Printrun 750
ISBN-13: 978-2-9576132-0-5
Subform Photobook
Topics Civil War, Liberia, Society
Methods Drawing, Photography
Language English, French
Format Hardcover, Suisse Binding
Dimensions 24.0 × 31.0 × 2.0 cm
Pages 152
Technique Offset