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Publisher Note

COEXIST—to live or exist together, in peace, at the same time, or in the same place. The first time in our lives the world is changing fundamentally. We need to rethink what all this is about. Higher, faster, and further at the expense of others cannot point the way to the future. We need to question ourselves, how we want to coexist, show consideration, and take a step back.

In summer 2020 Slanted initiated a global call for submissions questioning topics such as climate change, political power, human rights, freedom of speech, wars, and many other global issues.

More than 450 designers, illustrators, photographers, writers and artists from all over the world contributed to this extra thick issue (almost 100 pages extra—352 instead of 256)

Art Magazine

Slanted #36–Coexist

Release Date October 2020
Printer: Stober GmbH
Creative Direction: Lars Harmsen,
Art Direction: Julia Kahl
Series Slanted, #36–Coexist
ISSN: 1867-6510
Original Price 18.00 EUR
Subform Design Magazine
Topics Art, Europe, Graphic Design, Illustration, Typography
Language English