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Poetry and Photography to rediscover the Giardino di Valsanzibio, one of the most intact of the ancient gardens of the world.

Maybe the Eden at Giardino Barbarigo is incomparable, and the one presented by Luigi Cerantola and Renato D’Agostin won’t be as accessible as in the marvelous paths in Valsanzibio, but it will as well lead to labyrinths of dream.

Beyond the Diana Gateway, Cronos dominates the Garden holding the dodecahedron of time, therefore 12 and 12 become the numbers of the Sonnets in the book, 24. Originated from the one engraved on the steps that take from the Garden to the Villa, the Sonnets are concatenated one to the other through the last word and the following first, hiding (sometimes revealing them) enigmatic anagrams of names and more, challenging the brave reader determined to unfold them.

Release Place Venice, Italy
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2016
Printrun 3000
ISBN-13: 9788890913938
Topics Europe, Garden, Italy, Valsanzibio
Methods Photography
Language Italian
Format Paperback
Pages 72

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