The Human Condition/ Jonathan Ellery, image source:, © Browns Editions

Publisher Note

“Although Jonathan’s work might seem on the surface quite contained and concise, I’d say it’s actually deeply personal, and deeply revealing. He has collected each ring here. Several pieces of jewellery belong to the significant women in his life: his girlfriend, his mother. The cock rings have been bought for this piece. Jonathan talks about ‘The Human Condition’ with a sense of yin and yang – as a journey along some kind of trajectory from female to male, light to dark – and in doing so he ascribes certain values to either side of these proposed oppositional paintings.”

Shonagh Manson

The limited edition slipcased book formed part of Ellery’s fourth solo exhibition at Londonewcastle Project space, London. Contributors to the book include British artist Scott King and American artist Lawrence Weiner.

Artists’ Book

The Human Condition

by Jonathan Ellery

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2011
Artist: Jonathan Ellery
Printrun 100
Inscription signed, Signed edition of 100
Dimensions 22.0 × 28.5 cm
Pages 96