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Sheikh Hassan Al Thani is a tireless explorer of the history of southern Arabia. A curious observer who is well acquainted with his subject, he photographs the footprints of this civilization, while pondering the country's future. This work takes the reader progressively deeper into the heart of Yemen to see fascinating landscapes, streets, architecture of ancient towns, cars, satellite dishes, and other signs of modernity. The photographer trains his lens on people who emerge from these photographs to give additional clues to understanding this remarkable and changing land. Shot in color and in black and white, these fascinating images provide unparalleled testimony to the richness of this ancient civilization.

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Hassan Al Thani Sheikh

A vision of Yemen = Regard sur le Yémen

Release Place Milan, Italy
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2005
Dewey: 770.92
ISBN-13: 9788876248719
Topics Asia, Landscape, Middle East, Report, Urban Landscape, Yemen
Methods Photography
Language French, English
Format Hardcover
Pages 195