Publisher Note

In this postcard book Benjamin Appel invites you on trip through landscapes, sculptures and words:
“Floors, walls, pillars, ceilings, flower vases, tables, fitted kitchens, floor plans, drawers, plants, soil, stairs, crates, plaster, windows, concrete, wood, doors, chairs, plaster in drawers, walls out of soil, tables out of concrete, panels out of wood, tables without table tops, chair fragments, chair backs, wooden doors, wardrobes, empty wardrobes, doorknobs, lamps, the view out of the window, shoes, book shelves …"

Artists’ Book

Böden sind Treppen ohne Wände / Floors are stairs without walls

by Benjamin Appel

Release Date 2013
Designer: Astrid Seme
Artist: Benjamin Appel
Printrun 600
Topics Sculpture
Methods Photography, Writing
Dimensions 11.6 × 17.3 × 0.5 cm
Pages 48
Technique Offset