Volker Renner Hop On Hop Off Cover

Publisher Note

Hop On Hop Off

The photographs in Volker Renner’s artist’s book “Hop On Hop Off” were taken during sightseeing tours through big cities. Boarding a variety of tourist buses, the artist transforms into a mobile surveillance camera that negates sights and trains its lens on moving targets. In the perspective of the wheeled flaneur, the cityscape’s impervious surfaces fuse into an amalgam of pedestrians, car hoods, and asphalt, for which fossilized sunshine was cast into its definitive form. Renner sends concrete studies rather than picture postcards and Captcha images rather than Instagram motifs, blurring the distinction between human and machine and leaving the beholder dizzy and disoriented.

Artists’ Book

Hop On Hop Off

by Volker Renner

Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2024
Artist: Volker Renner
Printrun 300
ISBN-13: 978-3-86485-307-4
Original Price 36.00 EUR
Availability Available
Topics Tourism
Methods Photography
Dimensions 220.0 × 270.0 cm
Pages 200
Technique Offset