Publisher Note

On the evening of January 6, I was able to follow the storming of the United States Capitol from my computer because many rioters posted their videos on social media sites such as Parler. I noticed two things in these Parler videos: Trump supporters held the Stars and Stripes while acting feverishly as if they were playing in a movie or
experiencing a historic moment—and they used cell phones to film both each other and themselves.
I started taking screenshots of their selfies just because I was amazed at how recognisably familiar these men and women were. Sometimes, I imagined I was looking at a cousin or, then again, even a neighbour. I selected the portraits for this book for this familiarity.

This book is the sequel to ‘Twin Towers’ published in 2015, which was a collection of found internet photographs of 9/11 memorial sites in the form of the two towers. The September 11 Memorial places in this book express both the traumatic shock this attack caused the American people and how they tried to deal with it. I wonder what the memorial for 1/6 will be in years to come.

Artists’ Book

iPhone Terrorist

by Wil van Iersel

Publisher self-published
Edition 1st edition
Release Date 2021
Artist: Wil van Iersel
Printrun 50
Subform Photobook
Topics 6 Januari
Methods Screenshots
Dimensions 10.0 × 15.0 cm
Pages 158
Technique Print On Demand